“Unpleasant Design” — This Is What We Need In Our Cities

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A special cover on a lamp post to prevent people placing stickers or adverts on it.

This invention is sometimes called the “Anti pee-pee.” It’s made from a triangular piece of metal, angled in such a way that anybody who tries to relieve himself against it will end up with pee on his shoes.

The opening on these bins has been deliberately made small to discourage people from dumping large items.

These decorative pyramids placed in front of an office building in Canada prevent passers-by from loitering for a long time or smoking under someone’s window.

Uneven boulders were added to the space under this bridge in Calgary, Canada to prevent people hanging around underneath and risking their health and safety.

Decorative elements have been placed on the edges of these low walls to prevent teenagers from skateboarding.

This architectural feature was added to a university campus in Cambridge, UK to deter skateboarders.

This bench in London has a ridged surface, making it impossible for people to sleep on it. It also has no alcoves in it that people might use to hide drugs or get rid of trash.

No more loitering here! It definitely wouldn’t be very comfortable to sit on these stones for a long time.

This half-bench in Rotterdam, Netherlands doesn’t allow people to stay for too long.

In addition to these examples, we at Bright Side couldn’t help but remember this smart and highly motivational ad from Nike.


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