16 Reasons to Admire Japan

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Japan is one of the most extraordinary places on Earth, where centuries-old traditions peacefully coexist alongside bustling innovation.

Tokyo is the safest metropolis in the world

The Economist Intelligence Unit research center published a rating of the safest cities in the world that included such categories as information and personal security, healthcare and infrastructure. Tokyo won first place, Singapore second, and the third place was taken by another Japanese city, Osaka.

Detailed instructions

Japan is filled with guides and manuals that even foreigners can understand easily, because the texts are often translated tino English and illustrated.

Japanese kids have a common birthday

General morning exercise

Premium Fridays

Companies with thousand-year-long histories

Wonderful wildlife sanctuaries

Lightning-fast road repairs

Caring maintenance workers

Maximum comfort with minimum space

Attention to detail

Bullet trains

An alert system in all mobile phones

Incredible foods variety

Vegetables that look like art pieces

Toothpaste that helps cure cavities

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