photographs that go straight to your heart

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A photograph can say more than a thousand words ever can. We put together a few of the most affecting photos we could find, taken in all corners of the world. There’s not a single one that will leave you feeling indifferent. They’re all so full of love, humour, kindness, suffering, beauty, courage — in short, all the things we encounter in this life.

When dreams come true


Hello, world!

Mothers are the same everywhere

A parent’s level of patience is eternal…Almost

Do what your heart tells you, let everyone else think what they want

The sweetest kiss in the world

Happy memories

A man looks at the bench in a park where he used to sit with his beloved wife.

Undying devotion

A dog sits at the grave of its owner, who died in conflict.

The pain of loss

A man cries after finding a family album in the ruins of his house following an earthquake.

One good deed a day

Two volunteer teachers give a free lesson to poor children in New Delhi, India

Meeting someone you never hoped to see

A former prisoner of war returns home after the end of the Second World War. His daughter last saw him when she was just one year old.

Life’s challenges

The struggle for survival

A trial for the spirit


A firefighter gives a drink to a koala during a drought which caused huge forest fires in Australia, 2009.

Friends always show you which is the right road to take

It doesn’t matter whose side you’re on

Empathy is more important than victory

She dreamed of this until she was 88

This elderly couple got married 88 years ago, but at the time they had no wedding outfits, nor any photos taken. Finally, they were able to achieve their dream after all those decades together.

Our children will rise above us

The twilight of life

A grandfather says goodbye to his grandson.

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