24 Unbelievable Cakes That Are Too Magnificent to Eat

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Provided you do it right, even making cakes can be a great outlet for creativity. The following elaborate masterpieces of confectionery are a perfect combination of unexpected ideas and exquisite details. They’ll surely put any diet to the test!

The Library Cake

Piggies In The Mud Cake

’Up’ Cake

Planet Cake

Red Dragon Cake

Pandas Cake

’Ice Age’ Cake

Giraffe Cake

Beer Bucket Cake

Snake Cake

James Bond Cake

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Cake

M&M and Maltesers Coated Cake

Polo Shirts Cake

Birthday Books Cake

Worldly Cake

Nikon Camera Cake

Sweet Treat Cake

Minion Cake

The perfect cake for archeologists

The ’Heinz’ Cake

Sushi Cake

Van Gogh’s Starry Night Cake

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