This Black Model Recreates Iconic Fashion Campaigns for a Very Important Reason

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Meet Deddeh Howard, a 27-year-old medical student, model, and blogger who is currently living in Los Angeles but was born and raised in Liberia, West Africa. She has always been very passionate about culture, traveling, and fashion, and she simply couldn’t ignore the obvious lack of diversity in the modeling industry. That’s why Deddeh, in collaboration with her photographer partner Raffael Dickreuter, decided to recreate some of the most famous fashion campaigns in a series called Black Mirror.

“Not too long ago it happened to me that I would walk into various fashion model agencies and I would immediately be compared to the one or two black models that they had on the roster,“ says Deddeh. ”Even though I was told by those agencies that I have an amazing look and they wished they could represent me, they already had a black model. Besides having an abundance of white models. It seemed as if one or two black models on the roster was enough to represent us all. When you are told that, trust me, it feels bizarre.”

Deddeh with her partner, Raffael.

“For this project, I decided to re-shoot several of the inspiring and famous campaigns out there and try to show what they could look like with a black model. Why can’t the big brands embrace our diversity more and give all of us visibility? With this Black Mirror project I hope to show the world that it is time for all of us to be seen.”

The series took about three months to make.

It was not always easy to find exactly the same clothes and accessories for the photo shoot.

For instance, it took two months to find a similar motorcycle for this image.

But as you can see, everything was done with great precision.

It was difficult, but the result is worth it.

The recreations received a positive response.

Deddeh says she’s very grateful people feel the same way she does.

“It’s time for more diversity and models of all races being seen.”

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