The friendship between this little girl and her dog is truly heart-warming

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Meet three-year-old Siena and “Buddha,” her two-year-old Doberman. Although many people think a large dog like Buddha is an odd companion for a little girl, the two have been gaining popularity on social media.

‘Dobermans often  become deeply attached to one person in particular, and Buddha simply chose my daughter’, says Siena’s mother. The result is that Buddha and Siena do absolutely everything together.

Siena and Buddha are absolutely inseparable

They play together

Laugh together

Travel through time together

Dress up together

They even play the piano together

They sleep side by side

They’re yoga partners

They wash together

Fool around together

They help each other look for treasure

Siena gives Buddha manicures

They love reading together

And then falling asleep again

They spend time outdoors together

And go to the hairdressers

And at the end of the day watch the sunset

This once again proves just how wonderful dogs are as pets!

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