How much food should you eat in one sitting? An essential guide

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The science magazine Guard Your Health has published a number of studies showing that the problem of overeating has started to gather pace in recent years. Yet if you want to lose weight, you really don’t need to go on a severe diet where you only eat broccoli for six months — it’s enough to just limit the amount of food you have at each meal.

Here’s a simple way to give up eating enormous portions, and feel a lot better as a result.

The five principles of a good diet

  1. A handful (both of your hands clasped together) is the amount of vegetables you need to eat each day.
  2. The area of the front of your clenched fist is equal to the daily amount of carbohydrates you need (rice, cereals, pasta, bread).
  3. The size of your palm indicates the recommended amount of meat you need per day.
  4. The area of your whole clenched fist is roughly equal to the amount of fruit you need to eat in a day to maintain good health.
  5. The area of the tip of your index finger is the amount of butter and animal fat that you can eat in a day without damaging your body.

Now that you know it, it’s really not very difficult to translate this guide into practice. It’s enough just to keep in mind the daily portions for different food items and divide them into three parts — breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You can keep eating whatever you like and still lose weight — you just have to reduce the portion which you’re used to eating in one sitting.

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