Eight food products we’ve been eating incorrectly all our lives

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Perhaps, knowing how to chop or slice different kinds of food isn’t the most important skill you’ll ever need. But being able to do it well might nevertheless make things just that little bit more simple…and might even impress your friends.

Cherry tomatoes

Lightly squeeze the tomatoes between two plates, then slice between them with a sharp knife. The same method can be used for grapes.



You don’t even need to peel Kiwifruit. You can just scoop it out with a spoon, as if from a pot.


The person who worked this one out is without doubt, a genius! 


Cut off the top and bottom. Then make incisions on each side and break it up into sections.


As with Kiwifruit, you can eat an Avocado with a spoon. 


To make eating a watermelon a whole lot easier, cut the corners off each slice. 


Instead of cutting slices off the cake, cut out the central part. Then what’s left won’t become dry. 


Use the above method to squeeze out the maximum amount of juice. 

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