15 Simple but Brilliant Ways to Hide Annoying Items in your home

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All of us want to have a cozy and beautiful home. But, we also want to make it comfortable. Sometimes a small but necessary thing (for example, wires, ventilation grills, or pet feeding bowls) can ruin the whole idea of a thoughtful and stylish interior.

Hide a trash can in the cupboard

Replace an ordinary ventilation grill in the bathroom with a decorative one

Cover the fridge with a decorative self-adhesive tape

Pour liquid soap from its ordinary jar into a special one

Hide pet feeding bowls in the bottom drawer

You can place a WiFi-router in a beautiful box

Make colorful wires and light bulbs as part of the interior

You can make an easy stand for clothes by using an ordinary tree branch

Laundry baskets can be hidden in a locker

Decorative outlet covers will add a bit of fun to the interior

Hide small items in a box shaped like books

Use your imagination to decorate an electricity cable!

Put all kitchen electrical appliances in a hollow cupboard

You can store your shoes in the empty area underneath the stairs

Place paper towels in the kitchen cupboard’s niche

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