15 Designer Tips for a Comfortable and Cozy Home

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15 Designer Tips for a Comfortable and Cozy Home

Our home is a special place. It’s here that we relax, gather together as a family at the dinner table, and draw inspiration for the new day. So even the smallest feature of decor is important here. Modern designers have surprised us on many occasions with their unusual home makeovers, but even if you’re not planning on major changes there are still some tips you can follow to get things looking better.

1. The front door creates the first impression

2. Stylish things made from unusual bottles

3. Decorate a room with variations of a single theme

4. Flowers are synonymous with coziness

5. The walls of your home reflect your personality

6. Be braver when choosing how to arrange your furniture

7. Furniture can be the color of the walls or the room’s decor

8. The “rule of threes”

9. Take a creative approach to arranging books and other items on your shelves

10. Create something original out of nothing

11. A home filled with warmth and light

12. Let your hobbies add something extra to the room

13. Fill your home with things that cheer you up

14. A set of candles for a cozy evening

15. Draw abstract images on the walls to create a unique atmosphere

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