Pictures of Things you’d Never Expect to See

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Pictures of Things you’d Never Expect to See

From time to time, we all make discoveries that render us speechless. They don’t necessarily involve momentous events and unusual circumstances. Quite often, it’s the little, everyday things that surprise us the most.

A waffle cone without a waffle.

This is what happens when lightning hits a golf hole flag stick!

A transparent tray that is totally invisible in water.

A die inside a die.

A perfectly crushed Cola can.

An ice cube that sinks to the bottom of the glass.

A worn floor at a hair salon.

An old brick pavement peering out from underneath the asphalt.

A KitKat that looks a little crazy!

An ideal case of body art imitating nature.

A toy car stuck in a slab of pavement.

A banana, flawlessly broken in two.

A piece of the wrong dough in a loaf of bread.

A concrete block, polished to perfection by seawater.

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