Scientists Have Finally Invented an Everlasting Dental Filling That Repairs Teeth

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Scientists Have Finally Invented an Everlasting Dental Filling That Repairs Teeth

Scientists from Queen Mary University of London have invented a new material for dental fillings that has already been called revolutionary. And these are its advantages:

  • The material not only fills cavities but also repairs your teeth. According to Professor Robert Hill, the innovative filling is a bioactive glass composite material. After the dental filling is fixed in a cavity, minerals are released: phosphorus, calcium, and fluorine compounds. Due to this, dental tissue recovers.
  • Unlike other dental fillings, the new material doesn’t leave the slightest spacing between filling and tooth, which makes it impossible for bacteria to grow under the filling.
  • The scientists assure us that this filling will last a lifetime. It won’t wear out over time, as modern dental fillings do, and it certainly won’t fall out.

“This material will completely change dental practice,” says Professor Hill. The new fillings are expected to become available in the next three years.

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