Nine suggestions for saving ruined clothes that completely failed

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Nine suggestions for saving ruined clothes that completely failed

The Internet is full of contradictory information about how to get rid of stubborn stains on clothes or make old things look as good as new with one chemical or another. 

Myth #1: Red wine stains will come out if you use white wine


The stain does disappear but not completely. You could hardly claim that white wine in some way neutralizes red. All that you’re really doing here is diluting the concentration of the red wine on your sweater with the help of the white.

Myth #2: You can get rid of fluff with the help of a pumice stone


The fluff wins in this case. The pumice stone doesn’t remove it — it just acts like a comb. Only try this if you want to make the fluff on your top look tidier!

Myth #3: White deodorant stains can be removed using a pair of tights


 In this case, tights only remove what you could remove with the help of a simple paper towel. The white stains are still there.

Myth #4: Lipstick marks can be easily removed using hair spray


Don’t even waste your time with this. The chances are the lipstick marks will not only remain on your clothing but seep further into the material, making them even harder to remove.

Myth #5: Lipstick can be removed using a piece of bread


 Who on Earth thought up this idea? However much you rub bread into it, that stain is not going to disappear.

Myth #6: Foundation stains can be washed off using shaving foam

Shaving foam works in a similar way to ordinary soap, but it doesn’t work any more effectively. It’s better to use detergent in this case.

Myth #7: Banana skin will give shoes back their original shine


The only thing that banana skin does here is give a temporary sheen to scratched shoes, but after they dry the shoes look just like they did before.

Myth #8: Saline stains on suede shoes can be removed using a stale bread crust


This peculiar idea only makes things worse.

Myth #9: Scratches on your shoes will disappear if you apply some moisturizing cream


The scratches won’t go anywhere, but the color of them changes and they become slightly less noticeable.

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