20 Photos of Kids who Really didn’t want their Photo Taken

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20 Photos of Kids who Really didn’t want their Photo Taken

The Internet is overflowing with sweet images of children taken by professional photographers. Virtually every parent would love to have these kinds of images to remember their child by.

But inevitably, a child’s mood can ensure that their parents’ dreams don’t always go to plan. Here are 20 examples of kids who really didn’t want to have their photo taken.

A joy to behold


They should have given this more thought beforehand…

What a little angel


At least the composition is good


She needs to work on her pose


It turns out that not all babies like pumpkins

Not quite what mom and dad were hoping for


Perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea after all…

Well, this one was always going to be a challenge


A comic book might have interested him more

They were so close to getting that perfect shot

It seems the cake wasn’t to her liking

I’m sure he’ll look super cute while he’s sleeping…oh

Who knew Christmas decorations were so tasty?

If they’d clicked the shutter just one moment earlier, it might have worked

Someone’s tired of all these photographs

Get it off! Get it off!

Not as comfortable as they made it out to be


Not everyone wants to be a little bunny


Put me in a bow tie, and this is what you’ll get!

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