Home Hacks: How to Set Your Sofa in Right Time

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Home Hacks: How to  Set Your Sofa in Right Time

To accommodate everything in a small living space is not an easy task.

For drinking tea

Two big sofas (length: 84.6″) and a large coffee table (47″ x 23.6″).

For one person


A big sofa (length: 84.6″), a large coffee table (47″ x 23.6″), and a transformable armchair (31.5″).

For playing table games

For married couples


A small sofa arranged diagonally, two transformable armchairs (31.5″), and a round table (35″ x 35″).

Living room for reception guests

A big sofa (length: 84.6″), a round coffee table (39″ x 39″), and two small armchairs (27.5″).

For parties

For having a lot of guests

Room for work

Living room by day, sleeping space by night

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