Superb Ideas for Hiding the Mess at Home and Impressing Your Guests

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Superb Ideas for Hiding the Mess at Home and Impressing Your Guests

You prefer to eat your favourite instant oatmeal for dinner, and you have trouble boiling an egg. But why should your guests know about your bad or embarrassing habits? It’s essential to keep your home tidy and perfectly stocked with everything you love for your own sake, but sometimes you need to get things done faster in the event of friends of family turning up.

Here are some great ideas on how to give a good impression of yourself if you don’t have enough time for cleaning your house or getting everything in order before your guests arrive. We found them to be very useful!

Sort various miscellaneous foodstuffs into jars

Things like rice and cereals or pasta are usually sold in nice special packaging. You should throw that packaging away and empty the contents into big glass jars which you can put in a spot in your kitchen where everyone will see them. This helps create a feeling of homeliness which is guaranteed to impress any guest.

Put a few bottles of mineral water in your fridge

Your guests don’t have to know that you like drinking tap water. If you really want to impress people, just offer them mineral water when they ask for a drink. And don’t mention that you bought it specially beforehand, and they will think that you always drink only mineral water.

Clean your bathroom

Get rid of your old toothbrush

When guests visit you at home, a time of great change inevitably descends on your bathroom. Take all the personal items that you use on a daily basis and put them in the bathroom cabinet. Then take other items that you have never used and put them in place of the old and the used ones. A visit by some guests is the perfect time to get out all those cute bathroom things.

Put out some fresh herbs

Buy some basil, parsley, and cilantro and put them into water. They will make a positive impression on your guests. Spicy herbs will also be really handy for making a dinner.

Buy some cute sofa cushions

Having nice cushions on your sofa will give the impression that you actually care about the design of your home. Cushions also have other benefits — they can help hide the spots of beer, wine or coffee that you accidentally spilled last time you fell asleep while watching “Desperate Housewives“.

Put a book and some glasses in a prominent place

You have never wanted to read ”Ulysses” by James Joyce, but you can always create the illusion that you have been doing so. But the risk here, of course, is that it could prove very awkward if some of your friends turn out to be inveterate book lovers…

Find a huge bowl and fill it with lemons

With this, everyone will think that you like to bake a lemon cake from time to time as well as drink fresh lemon juice.

Show your love for plants

Do you see the plant in the picture? It’s called a jade plant, and it never dies. This is the best way to show how you love taking care of your plants…

Buy proper napkins

You can find them at IKEA, and as a rule, they look so much better than paper towels.

Dim a light

If dust can’t be seen, it means there’s no dust at all. Provide a room with only a small amount of light and light some aromatic candles instead.

Pretend that you don’t remember what wine you have

If you say something like “I think there’s Cabernet in my cupboard”, your guests will think that you didn’t buy the wine especially for their visit.

Cook a roast for dinner

No of other dish will create the impression of being a really welcoming host as much as a roast will. Fill the baking tray full of different vegetables and meat and put it in the oven for an hour and a half before your guests arrive. That way you will have enough time to wash the dishes, lay the table and prepare the wine.

Don’t pick a difficult recipe for dessert

A few pieces of high-quality dark chocolate and a bowl of fruit or berries will be absolutely perfect for dessert. Nobody will feel forced to praise your cooking skills, because this dessert really is delicious.

Impress your guests by offering a huge variety of tea

“Do you want some tea? Great! I’ve got green tea, with mint or with chamomile, Earl Grey, “Irish Breakfast”, tea with elderberry, lemon and tangerine-flavoured tea, licorice or jasmine, rooibos tea, tea with cinnamon or with lemon grass…” Mention the first 10 kinds of tea just for boasting a little bit and finish with three ones that you actually have. Your guests will definitely forget the beginning of the list because of your enormously impressive tea collection.

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