Special article For Man Who Work in Home On Sunday

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Food Products that we’ve always peeled the Wrong Way

Special article For Man Who Work in Home On Sunday

Maybe, the ability to peel different food products quickly and efficiently is not an essential skill you need to get through life. But there’s nothing wrong with trying to make your life easier, or to speed up the preparation of your favourite dish.

It’s really easy to separate berries from their leaf with the help of a simple straw.


Tap one half of a pomegranate with a wooden spoon, and you’ll be able to peel it without loosing a drop of juice.


Make an incision all the way around the surface of a potato, width-wise. Boil it, then wash with cold water. Now you can easily remove the peel with your hands.

Use a spoon to separate peel from an orange without getting juice all over yourself.


The easiest way to peel mango is to use an ordinary glass!


This method works with kiwi fruit as well.


And even with an avocado.


Grip the base of a banana peel and pull, and you’ll be able to open it just as you would with a bag of potato chips.


Put some garlic in a bowl, cover the bowl with a chopping board, and shake it thoroughly.

By making just three incisions you can easily peel a tangerine.


Cut off the top part of the pepper and make incisions lengthwise to the white partitions.


Now just separate it into parts.

To peel a boiled egg, remove the eggshell from the top and bottom, then simply blow!


Express apple peeling.

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