Hilarious Packages Designed to Lift Your Mood

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Hilarious Packages Designed to Lift Your Mood

A pack of buns

A Honey Hunter jar


A pack of noodles

A box of Japanese Kokeshi dolls-inspired matches

An IF BAGS rope package

A set of kid-friendly milk cartons


An earphone package from Sony


These cakes make you think twice about eating between meals!

Chocolate for men




A Shirokuma rice package

A miniature printer


A Beehive Honey Squares package



A set of plastic coffee cups



A throat lozenge from Ricola


A ’Le Lait’ milk carton


A Japanese bun package


A milk carton from Mikos


A Trident chewing gum pack


A gnome baguette


A cheeky ketchup bottle design


A ’My Crazy Aunt’ duster

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