Ten simple but fashionable style ideas for long hair

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Ten simple but fashionable style ideas for long hair

It always seems that you don’t have enough time to arrange your hair how you want it. That’s why we put together a guide to the most stylish, but also the most simple, hairstyles to help you look great with the minimum of effort.

Free-flowing wave

Casual and light waves will always be popular. There are two methods available to get this effect: you can either use a hair straightener, or tie your wet hair in a neat bun, dry it with a hair dryer and then leave in place for an hour. You’ll end up with stylish and voluminous waves, which will look even better if you use a bit of hair spray.

A straightforward knot

Gently come your hair back, twist into a knot and fix in place with hair pins or an attractive hair clip.

A low fix

You can fix a ponytail either at the level of your neck, or even close to the tips of your hair, for an unusual but beautiful effect.

Wet-look hair

Here’s another simple and quick style you can use: put some gel on a few sections of hair at the roots. This is a style from the nineties which is said to be making a comeback!

Tied at eye level

Take two thin locks of hair on the sides of your head and fasten them together at the back. A more adventurous variant of this involves braiding a pigtail.

Hair to the side

This one’s really simple: just change the place where make a parting in your fringe, attaching it with a clip. Even something as simple as parting your hair to the side can look beautiful.


A double one or an asymmetrical one, sleek or tousled, simple or eye-catching – you can never go wrong with a braid.

Old-style hair

An audacious style with volume can be achieved by arranging your hair into tiny ringlets. You’ll definitely turn a few heads with this one!

Focusing on the fringe

Having a light fringe is becoming increasingly popular, especially if you pull large amounts of your hair to the side and fasten behind your ear.

Focusing on accessories

Even the most simple hairstyle can be made to look elegant and eye-catching by using accessories. Just make sure they match your overall style.

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